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Vision & Mission of the College
Vision :- Transformation of human beings through quality education
Mission :- Commitment to impart liberal, modern, sound & quality education to all the sections of the society.
::::: ABOUT US :::::  


          Shri. Narendra Tidke College of Arts & Commerce, Ramtek was started in 1970. Late Manoharbhai Patel joined this commendable mission by his compatriot Late Shri. Narendra Tidke ( ex. Forest Minister)  and Shri. Jatiramji Barve ( Ex. MP Ramtek) who themselves were the residents of Ramtek and keenly insisted in the development of the town. Starting with  a few scores of students in a small rented building way back in 1970. Today this sapling has grown into a tree with about ten acres. The area of the campus is about ten acres. The college has comparatively had good infrastructure, well –qualified faculty, a sizeable Central library, good student support systems and strong community orientation.

          True to its mission, the college has constantly strived to be the torch bearer for the local community and bring every possible opportunity of learning to this area. There was a time when there was no other institution for Higher education for miles around and eager learners came from far and wide to study here. Today, there might be scores of colleges within reach, but until almost fifteen years ago. The College has served the needs of a large area single- handedly for nearly three decades. The college has been striving to introduce need based course for the betterment of the students. The college offers undergraduate classes in Arts and Commerce. The college has been making conscious efforts to introduce the latest and most promising course, the order to fulfill its commitment to providing access. For the reason too the college is trying to bring in more courses.

--------And yet it has not confined itself to the role of more education provider. It has been striving to evolve as a centre of Growth, a foundry where personalities are moulded, minds are shaped and good human beings are nurtured. For this reason the college has never lost sight of its duty to the society and always been involved in community services through various ways. Every member of the college shares the view that true learning and teaching also includes community orientation and social services.
          The college has many plans for the future, which include introduction of new courses with focus on latest technology and changing needs of the society, expansion of its campus and infrastructure starting short term need based programmes, and bringing in more efficiency, transparency and accessibility in all aspects of its functioning. The College now has over 500 students studying in UG Level.
   College at a Glance : Established in 1970
Campus Area   9.8 Acres
Levels of Education   Under Graduate
Streams Available   1. Arts 2. Commerce
Number of course   Under Graduate-02
Books in the Library   20069 Books
   Milestones in the History of the College :
Establishment of Gondia Education Society, Gondia.
July 1970
Establishment of Shri. Narendra Tidke College of Arts and Commerce, Ramtek.  
Introduction of Commerce Faculty.
June 1972
Development of the campus in ten acres of well-wooded & hilly area.
July 1973
College shifted to its own building and campus.
1973 -74
Introduction of N.S.S. Unit.
July 1995
Introduction of N. C. C. Unit.
Construction of Guest House.
Introduction of Additionl Section of B.A Part -I & more optional subjects in Arts.
Construction of Girls hostel.
July 2006
Well equipped Gym stared in the new building of the college.
----------NSS :- Various extension activities are conducted by the college. The NSS department was introduced in the College in 1973-74. The various programmes have been conducted to develop awareness among the students about the social problems and to rouse their interest in social work as and when needed.
----------NCC :- Our college has a unit of N. C. C. of 2 Maharashtra Signal Company . The unit was introduced in 1995. Every year 50 cadets are enrolled,   three years training to obtain B  and C certificates. The students complete ATC , NIC , CATC  and many other similar training  programmes every year.  Besides this  the students  are given various types of training such as Map Reading , Firing , Drill , First Aid ,Civil Defense, Earth Quick Relief  etc.
---------- ---
----------Sports :- In Sports Department Students can avail the games like Kabbaddi, Kho-Kho and Volleyball. For Volleyball and Cricket, court and play ground are available in the college campus. The college has play ground measuring 310 Ft. X 260 Ft. & Track of 200 meters, Long Jump  and High Jump Pitch of 3X 9 Mtr, Javelin Throw  Ground  measuring 4 Mtr. X 8 Mtr, Kho-Kho Ground of 29  Mtr. X 16 Mtr.  We  have the separate court for Basket  Ball  of 159 X 60 Ft, In addition the college has  Two Kabbadi Grounds of 9 X 12.55 Mtr.  The college has a set of a  Twelve station Gym. The students playing Kabbaddi, Kho-Kho and Volleyball are provided sport kit. The athletes are also provided with uniforms, boots and spikes. Medicines are provided in case of injury or accident for the players. The students of the college have been selected for the university level matches.


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